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Monday, October 20, 2008

True Love Sometimes Comes With A Price... (WARNING)

Vancouver Wedding Photographer - Michael Wachniak

Oh God I can't believe I am posting this...

Yes, thats ME in the photo... please let me explain:

Here in Vancouver, one of our biggest radio stations is 95Crave FM. Madonna is coming to Vancouver October 30th, and 95Crave has a contest right now where you can win two free tickets to the concert and a WHOPPING $10,000 cash!!! Now, tickets are UNBELIEVABLY hard to find now that we are so close to the concert... but since my girlfriend REALLY wants to go, and because I LOVE her so much, it wasn't hard to decide that I should do everything in my power to win her those tickets!   

Now comes the rules of the contest (and why I am wearing makeup in the photo....oh, it gets worse guys and on.):

To enter the contest, you had to dress up like Madonna, take a photo of yourself, and send it in to the radio station. Fine. What are the chances, right? 

So... I get a phone call today.... I have been chosen as one of the twenty-five "participants" in the MADONNATHON. What does that mean, you ask? Well, regrettably, let me tell you! It means that this Thursday, October 23rd, at 6:30am, I will be at Coquitlam Centre for 12 hours, IN MAKEUP NO LESS, and dancing like Madonna in front of hundreds, possibly THOUSANDS of people with 24 equally scared individuals. If I am the last person dancing, I win 10G's and 2 tickets to see Madonna! 

Now, I'm not a very MANLY man.... but this isn't the kind of attention any man would want (at least I don't think)... this is honestly only being done because I really want to see the look on my girlfriend's face when I hand her two, ONE ticket to Madonna (Jeez, wouldn't that suck if I handed her BOTH tickets, and she didn't even take me???!!!).... 

So, why am I posting it here, do you ask?

I want you to see what a man who is about to win $10,000 looks like! :)

Laugh away everyone! Or better yet, come cheer me on this Thursday!! :)

(but please keep the cameras at home haha!)


p.s.  The Make-Up and "arranging" in the sexy photo above was done by my loving gal, Grit... who OBVIOUSLY did a good enough job to get me this far into the contest! I'm certain I will have the strength and willpower to win this with her at my side! (because if I don't win, I'll probably be sleeping on the couch for the next little while! lol just kidding haha LOVE YOU BABE!)


Anonymous said...

I like the part at the end where you say that if you don't win you will have to sleep on the couch.... that would not be the worst.... what is worse is that if you don't win, you will have dressed and danced like a girl, and got nothing for it!! haha


Anonymous said...

But, as a bonus, at least you now have picked your costume for halloween!


Heather in Beautiful BC said...

Oh Michael, this is absolutely fantastic. Good for you - can't wait to hear the results!!! Good luck :)

Is it okay if I copy the pic and blog it?

Anonymous said...

Omg! Good luck with the contest...if anything else, all the effort will get you a lot of brownie points (hopefully!). :P


Anonymous said...

ummm ok if this is my wedding photographer i think i want my deposit back!!!!!!

HAHHA j/k cant wait to see you there!!! soo stoked!!

Darcie Brown said...

Ha! Did you end up winning?

tracey said...

seriously..i SWEAR that was madonna..the teeth..the hair..

but you know what gave it away? the blue eyeshadow..i SWEAR she wears really...i think she does.. for reals.. or maybe it was the eyebrows..i can't tell which it is..but you could totally pass for her sister..

ok too much christmas drink for this mama...throw a can in the wagon for me! cheers bro! you rock!

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