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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ah, Good Times

I had such an amazing time at the wedding last night! Brian and Yari made me feel so welcome and their entire group of family and friends was awesome! A sand ceremony at sunset, fire dancers, doing the macarena knee deep in the ocean... Ah, good times.


I am sitting here in my hotel room in Phoenix watching "Me, Myself, and Irene" and I totally forgot how hilarious it was! Of course, since it's on tv, all the "adult funny" has been cut out (and there's a lot!). Ah, good times.


Today was my first experience flying in first-class...and I slept through the whole thing... Seconds after takeoff I must have passed out and the next thing I remember was hearing the flight attendant make the announcement that we were landing! I was like my dad watching a movie: falling asleep at the opening credits and then waking up at the closing credits! Ah, good times.


I am so excited to see Grit tomorrow! Rather than me taking the shuttle from Seattle airport back home, Grit has decided to drive down and get me, and then we are heading to the outlet mall before crossing back over the border ;) Ah, good times. ;)

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