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Monday, October 13, 2008

Apple TV in Canada

Vancouver Wedding Photographer - Michael Wachniak

Is it worth it or not? Grit and I are thinking of getting rid of cable, as we are sick of 'surfing' just to find out not only that there is nothing on, but we are spending money on something we don't really need! We are big movie buffs though, so we are looking at our options... Having an Apple TV in the US is quite different than having one in Canada. In the US you have virtually an unlimited library of movies to rent (in HD too, no less), and you also have TONS of tv shows (that would cut down on the surfing, and you'd pay only for what you want!)... in Canada, you have a mediocre at best movie library, and the only tv shows are beyond lame... they're not even worth (in my opinion) the $1.99 per episode!

So, my question is this: are there any Canadians out there that have an Apple TV, or know of any reason I should be swayed into purchasing one?

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