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Friday, August 29, 2008

We Have The Keys!!!!

Tonight at 8:30pm, Grit and I met up with our landlords at our new apartment to do a walkthrough and to get our keys!


This is going to be a BUSY weekend! Tomorrow is Ashley & Kristopher's wedding, and then Sunday we move in (and its Grit's.....29th birthday... *wink*)....I am STOKED!!!

Grit and my mom are watching "Jane Austin's Book Club" right now, so I am trying to find everything in my power right now to find things to do ;)

(which by the way, for all you iPhone owners out there, is a perfect time for playing "Hanoi")

This damn game is the 'RedBull-Laced-Heroin' of iPhones...  you just cant leave it alone!!!!! :) I always end up with everything in order... all in one pile.... on the WRONG damn side of the screen! (which, by the way, is exactly how the game starts.... how i get it all back nice and neat there again right where it started is BEYOND me... but there it is none the less!

I strongly recommend it though ;)

p.s. yay keys! LOL

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Grace & Sean: Wedding!

Things have been ka-RAY-ZEE here lately and tonight I finally managed to get some time to try to catch up on my blogging! Grit and I are moving into our new apartment Sunday (which is also her birthday), I have been planning for Ashley and Kristopher's wedding on Saturday (its gonna kick ass, I'm SO stoked!), and to top it off I have had a cold for who knows HOW long now!!

So without further delay, here are some photos from dear friends of mine, Grace and Sean! (Slideshow will be up as soon as I receive the song Grace wants me to put up! I can't wait!)

The Guys

The Girls

The Ring Bearer

The Ceremony

The Church (during The Ceremony) :)

I was TOTALLY diggin' the amazing light coming through the windows!

Dancin' it up!

I am SO glad this was shot from the side... I mean... kilt? what if..... you know? ;)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The New Do!

Just got my haircut today and I am TOTALLY lovin' it!!!

(its awesome having a hairstylist thats also your girlfriend lol)

Oh, by the way...

A Note to Brides: Grit and I are thinking of combining our powers in the future to become a "Wedding Photographer - and - European Master Hairstylist Team" for wedding packages... is this something that you might be interested in?


p.s. do NOT use my modelling to judge her work, she is super awesome with over 16 years experience.... and I am just being a putz in front of the camera lol

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Aly & Salima: eSession!

Hello again everyone! I am back from my "OH-MY-GOD-I-FEEL-LIKE-A-DUMPTRUCK-HIT-ME" cold... in the last 5 days I have lost my voice twice, been bedridden 2 full days, drank 4 Litres of Cranberry Juice, 15 bags of tea, enough water to drown an elephant...and consumed about 40 drops of PURE oregano oil.... and now.... I THINK I am ok....

I think my saving grace was (and this is no joke) being able to work on editing photos... I turned on the music, sat at the desk, drank tea, and was able to be alone for a while ;) ....when I have a cold for some reason thats all I want to do is be alone... I hate conversing when I am coughing every 4 seconds lol but now I am feeling MUCH better and I have some photos to show you! Quite a few actually thoughout the day!

The first set is from an engagement session last week with Aly & Salima at a mosque in Burnaby! It was SOOOOO hot outside and not a cloud in the sky so I was having lots of fun with sunflare shots lol!

Take a look at the photos and let me know what you think!

- partially sick Michael -

Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy BC Day!

Hey everyone! I'm just testing out blogging from my iPhone while I sit
in the sun at Lake Okanagan! I'll be back in 'The Office' tomorrow!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sean & Melinda: Wedding!

I was so excited to head up to Brew Creek Lodge for Sean and Melinda's wedding last Saturday! What I forgot to think of was that it was the same weekend as the Pemberton Music Festival! Luckily traffic wasn't bad, and even if it was I am sure I wouldn't have cared. The day was perfect! 
I am stoked to show everyone the photos, so without further delay, I give you: Sean & Melinda!

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