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Friday, August 29, 2008

We Have The Keys!!!!

Tonight at 8:30pm, Grit and I met up with our landlords at our new apartment to do a walkthrough and to get our keys!


This is going to be a BUSY weekend! Tomorrow is Ashley & Kristopher's wedding, and then Sunday we move in (and its Grit's.....29th birthday... *wink*)....I am STOKED!!!

Grit and my mom are watching "Jane Austin's Book Club" right now, so I am trying to find everything in my power right now to find things to do ;)

(which by the way, for all you iPhone owners out there, is a perfect time for playing "Hanoi")

This damn game is the 'RedBull-Laced-Heroin' of iPhones...  you just cant leave it alone!!!!! :) I always end up with everything in order... all in one pile.... on the WRONG damn side of the screen! (which, by the way, is exactly how the game starts.... how i get it all back nice and neat there again right where it started is BEYOND me... but there it is none the less!

I strongly recommend it though ;)

p.s. yay keys! LOL

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