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Monday, July 28, 2008

Sean & Melinda: Sneak Peak!

This Saturday I had a BLAST with Sean & Melinda at their wedding near Whistler at the Brew Creek Lodge! It was my first time at the lodge and I was VERY impressed! If you are looking for a breathtaking, peaceful, private, spacious venue with a woods-y fairytale-like feel to it, this is SO it! 

I am just working on the photos at the moment, and I am having such a difficult time picking my favorites to post here lol! The day was PERFECT! And I am starting to suspect that Sean and Melinda have super powers.... no, really. Thirty minutes before the OUTDOOR ceremony, it started to rain... and literally (and this is no joke) the SPLIT-SECOND Melinda walked outside, the rain shut off... and not a single drop the whole day afterwards... it looked pretty grim, then it was just .... perfect... I didn't think about it at the time, but now I think I might hire them for future weddings  just in case the weather doesn't cooperate! :)

Stay tuned for more photos soon, and of course the slideshow as well!


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ben & Catherine: Wedding!

I honestly can't believe how many photos of Ben and Catherine's wedding I absolutely have fallen in love with... its almost sickening how hot this couple is! The whole day was in fact, perfect... it made me numb several times during the day just realizing that this time my best friend of 15 years was the one on the other side of the camera in the tux... and rather than captioning every single one of my favorite photos here, I just really really REALLY STRONGLY recommend taking a few minutes to watch the slideshow at the bottom of this post! Awesome song, awesome wedding, awesome couple... 

The UBER hot dress...

Every wedding should have an elephant....with wedding rings for eyes ;)

I just love this photo!

Uber Hot Catherine and Uber Hot Dress on an Uber Hot Day!

The guys!

The Girls!

The First Dance!

The Walkaway Shot!

The Slideshow!!!!

The End! :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Ben & Catherine: Sneak Peak!

Well I am finally back home from Calgary!!! I will post some highlights from my 3 week 'business AND pleasure' trip soon, but for now, here is a sneak peak of Ben & Catherine's July 19th wedding in Kananaskis! Ben has been my best friend for around 16 years now, and being a part of his wedding meant more to me than I can ever even BEGIN to express.

Right now they are on their way to Hawaii for their honeymoon, and I can't wait to show them their photos when they come back!

Oh, and today is Ben's birthday! Happy Birthday Ben!

Keep checking back for some more added photos, and their slideshow in the next day or two!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Shannon & Dan: eSession!

Last night I had the honor of meeting Shannon & Dan for their engagement session. We met in Kensington just north of downtown Calgary and had an absolute blast! Shannon is a good friend of Lori (from the previous eSession), and Dan plays in the NFL for the Indianapolis Colts! These guys were a RIOT to hang out with! 

Update: Slideshow has been added to the bottom of the entry!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Roadtrip: Johnston Canyon!

Last Thursday my buddy Josh and I drove out to Banff National Park for a hike up Johnston Canyon. We were rained on, hailed on, Josh hurt his knee around the 8km mark, I kept getting mud in my shoes and socks.... all in all, a PERFECT hiking trip!

Oooooh, moody! :)

Everytime I come here, I ALWAYS pose for a photo with this goofy tree... yes, it APPEARS I am far stronger than I look... I honestly don't know where I come up with these genius thoughts....

Josh helping me out... I loosened it for him of course.... ya, thats it...

About 4km up the trail there is a valley with little springs called Inkpots. The colors are amazing IF the sun is out, we waited and waited, but all we got was rain, and sadly... HAIL too!

The Upper Falls, SO beautiful!

Friday, July 11, 2008

This is Ground Control to Major Tom....

As MOST of you can probably tell by now, my website was down for most of yesterday and today, and if any of you emailed me, you probably got a nice little email back saying something along the lines of "MICHAEL WHO????".... my server was down, there was a TEENSY little hiccup but everything is back up to 100% again! If you emailed me, can you kindly resend it?

Danke!!! :)

I have a few posts coming up, one from my 11km hike in the mountains yesterday with my friend josh and the other one from the portrait session I did immediately after returning to Calgary after the hike!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Loni & Carlos: E-Session

...and as promised here are the rest of Loni & Carlos' Engagement Photos! I had such a blast shooting with these guys, they are so much fun and really looked SO comfortable in front of the camera!

And the Slideshow has now officially been added at the bottom!! :)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Loni & Carlos: E-session Teaser!

I had an absolute AWESOME day today! I played some Guitar Hero, I met an old friend for lunch, and then had an AWESOME engagement session with Loni and Carlos!!!! This was actually the first time we met in person, so it was really cool to talk a bit and get to know them while taking photos. They are SO good looking it makes me sick lol! We walked around downtown Calgary, then a bit around Prince's Island Park, then back up the hill across the river shortly before the sky opened up and POURED on us!!! Got some cool rain shots too!

I can't wait to show you guys some more photos! Stay Tuned!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Rob & Courtney: Wedding!

I always love shooting weddings of close friends of mine. I have shot a few weddings and portraits for Courtney and Rob's family over the years (try to find her sister on my website! lol), and every time I meet up with the Franzon and Shepherd clan, I always feel a deep sense of family and belonging (whether they like it or not haha!). These guys are really an amazing people, and I am so unconditionally happy that they are now ONE family. The only thing I am a little disappointed about is that we are slowly running out of potential weddings from siblings and cousins etc! I hope they still invite me around when all the dust settles and there is nothing left to shoot! :)

Much Love Rob, Courtney, and family!


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