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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Rob & Courtney: Wedding!

I always love shooting weddings of close friends of mine. I have shot a few weddings and portraits for Courtney and Rob's family over the years (try to find her sister on my website! lol), and every time I meet up with the Franzon and Shepherd clan, I always feel a deep sense of family and belonging (whether they like it or not haha!). These guys are really an amazing people, and I am so unconditionally happy that they are now ONE family. The only thing I am a little disappointed about is that we are slowly running out of potential weddings from siblings and cousins etc! I hope they still invite me around when all the dust settles and there is nothing left to shoot! :)

Much Love Rob, Courtney, and family!



jamiedelaine said...

Great job Michael! Love the first and last shots you posted. I'll check out the slideshow soon!

Courtney Shepherd-Franzon said...


We love the pictures of our wedding!! You are an amazing photographer and you have a special gift. Do not worry, our family is quite big so you will have plenty of family members that will need your gift of photos in the future and you are always welcome in our home or any of our families homes because you are part of our family!

We love you and we were so glad you were a special part of our wedding day!

Much Love
Courtney and Rob xoxoxo

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