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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sean & Melinda: Wedding!

I was so excited to head up to Brew Creek Lodge for Sean and Melinda's wedding last Saturday! What I forgot to think of was that it was the same weekend as the Pemberton Music Festival! Luckily traffic wasn't bad, and even if it was I am sure I wouldn't have cared. The day was perfect! 
I am stoked to show everyone the photos, so without further delay, I give you: Sean & Melinda!


Chelo Keys said...

These two are sooooo much in love!! I love #5!

Anonymous said...

Good work on these photos! They do look so much in love, and so lovely. I wish I had you at my wedding! I'm the one with the guitar in your photo, by the way. Kate

ENV Photography said...

wow! What a ring shot!!

Lisa Carpenter said...

These are all incredible!!! ditto on the ring shot!

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