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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cassie + Steve { Sneak Peak }

Well I have officially blogged for a month! I was really curious as to whether or not I could actually think of something to say every single day, but now that the month is over, I am quite pleased at the way the blogging turned out! Now, thats one more thing I can scratch off of my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days! (plus I had a blast doing it!) 

I have been really busy these past few days with moving my mom into her new apartment, and that whole Madonnathon thing (by the way, I made it to the end of the contest, danced 10 nonstop hours with makeup on and my girlfriends jeans just to try to win her madonna tickets, and then lost after the 10 hours on a bloody game of Hot Potato... dammit! Made it down to 5th place out of 25 people though!). However, thanks to one of my '08 brides calling me, I managed to buy some tickets from a friend of hers that bought extra tickets for JUST such an occasion! So, Grit and I are indeed going to the Madonna concert this Thursday! yay! 

Anyhoo, this past Sunday I spent a few hours hanging out with Cassie and Steve at Barnett Beach for their engagement session! They are getting married next year and I am STOKED already! I have some pretty amazing weddings coming up next year! These guys really are in every sense of the word, HELLA COOL! Nice? Check. Funny? Check. Hot? Check Check! :) 

Here is a quick little sneak peak from the session, stay tuned for lots more! 

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