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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Grace & Sean: E-Session

I first met Grace & Sean in Nov/Dec of last year. We decided to meet for a bite to eat while we discussed their wedding plans. Within seconds we were already friends... there are only a handful of people on this planet as crazy as myself... and two of them were staring at me from the across the table. These guys were awesome, how did they find me!? (UPDATE: apparantly there must be a "Crazy Person Decoder Ring" for sale somewhere in the lower mainland area... I will have to ask them where they found it). 

I'm so glad to have met these guys, and I am extremely pleased with how well they act in front of the camera. I can't wait til the wedding!!!

I love shooting in downtown Vancouver, so many awesome rustic places to shoot!

I kinda went a little OFF the WALL with this post-processing but I think it really helps to give the overall feeling of the photo.

Is THIS why they call it Puppy Love? I bet Porschia is thinking "OK mommy and daddy, less focus on you...more focus on me... its all about me!" Porschia is a total DIVA by the way.

I love the candid shots with these guys! Just being able to stay back and let them do their thing, you just can't beat it!

Isn't this lighting fantastic? I love the MAGIC HOUR just before sunset!!

I love cherry blossoms!

Porschia, Goddess of flat noses.

This is probably my favorite of the entire day. It truly is an honor knowing you two, and did I mention that I can't wait for the wedding?! =)



CamilleElise said...

Hi There!! I was surfing around OSP and saw your post a while back about needing a second shooter in Calgary (June 28th and July 19th), I was wondering if you had found anyone yet? I'm very new to the photography business, and have been enrolled in some classes at our local College, as well I'm assisting another photographer here in Calgary. I would LOVE the opportunity to second shoot, let me know if those dates were still empty :)

Mabyn said...

Hey Michael,

Thanks for the awesome comment on my blog! I thought i'd return the favor :) This shoot rocked! I especcially love the one of them walking on the beach. The negitive space makes me happy! I also love the pug! So cute and great detail! Great job!


Michael Wachniak said...

hehe thanks! the beach one was one of the last shots, i really loved the depth of field in it too!

trisha patriarca said...

mikee!! hey dude!! how ya doin? *joey tribianni voice* anyhow, i love the pug shot. loves it!! my family and i are pug fanatics. we go gaga whenever we see them...

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