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Friday, May 2, 2008

I shot myself!

Its been a while since I had my own photos taken (for promo work, facebook, you know the important stuff), so I thought that I would take a stab at a self-portrait until I could find time to get one of the millions of talented photogs in the area to help me out!

Its a little blurry but I really like this shot... Grit helped me tonight with about 50 photos, and she is quite the amazing little photographer.... but I am a very UNamazing smiler.... it sounds very negative, but really, your worst critic is yourself, right?! Sadly, despite her attempt, I really didn't like how I looked in any of them... 

Anyways, I was happy with this one, ironically it was the very first one of the day that I shot!
I thought I would post a before/after shot of my post processing work, check it out!



Katie Beverley said...

Yup, you're too hard on yourself! This image looks great! cool processing too :)

Erin Cady said...

Definitely diggin the new headshot! Darn all you talented canadians!! ;)

Michael Wachniak said...

Thanks guys! it was really hard to do it, I stuck my foot out and focused on my sock (in the place i THOUGHT my head would be) then i would hit the timer, run my ass over and assume the position lol out of focus, but not bad for f2.8!! :)

Brittany Fay Video said...

cool. nice self portrait.

tracey said...

nice post processing bro.. saweeeet.
cheers to you, as i drink my rum and egg nog and go thru your blog this fine friday night, hoping i can help you reach 50! :)

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