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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sandra & Dave: Wedding Photos

I thought that I would post a few photos from last weekend's wedding as well, to accompany the slideshow in the previous post.

Sandra's Jaw-Dropping wedding dress: 

Having some fun with the rings:

Sandra and her father on their way up to make their walk down the aisle:

Delisser.. Dave Delisser.

These shoes are so cool and always remind me of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal video :)

When Sandra told me she wanted to pose with her groom and his best man Brian, I tried to think of an idea to make one of the photos humorous... So I told Dave and Sandra to give each other a kiss in front of Brian... hoping that Brian would think "Hrmm... not your average photo with the Best Man... what the heck?"  I think the expression says it all, I LOVE IT! :)

I just love this triptych series at the reception. No words required.

We only had a few minutes to shoot just the two of them before the reception started. This one was shot just a few feet away from the reception in front of a large window. These guys really don't need to be TOLD to look 'lovey-dovey' :)

Stay tuned tomorrow, I will be posting an E-Session of Sean and Grace, a wicked couple getting married in August!


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Erin Cady said...

I think my favorite is the one of the bride walking up the stairs with her girls. Just too cute!! I just love your post processing... the colors are just all so rich... awesome job!

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