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Friday, April 11, 2008

Whale Watching Video!

OK, so I have had this footage of our 'mini-vacation' in Victoria since November, and I have had ZERO clue how to edit it (I am a photographer, not a video-guy!)... HOWEVER, since I made the switch to Mac computers April 1st, I have been really thinking of finally getting this thing done so we can send it to Grit's mom in Germany. 

Keep in mind this is my very very first attempt at editing any kind of video with any program whatsoever. It took me about a little while to go through the 45 minutes of footage, and 3 hours to edit and put it together. I apologize for the really lame first few minutes, but the whale watching is good! If only I could keep the camera more stabilized, it looked like I was pumping straight caffeine into my veins!! SHAKY!!

Let me know what you think! Oh, I have an engagement session or two this weekend so stay tuned for some photos of AMAZINGLY hot people!

Much love,

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