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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sandra & Dave: Wedding Slideshow

I knocked on the door to the room, 9:30am sharp. Photography gear in hand, thrown over my shoulder, tucked between my knees...I knocked again. The door flew open, 3 strange women stared at me, and then the door slammed shut. I staggered back, almost losing my footing over my camera bag. "This is the room, isn't it?" I thought. Suddenly a burst of giggles seeped through the cracks of the doorway... "He's the photographer, don't give him a heart attack!!".  I sighed a relief... "we have some trouble makers in the family, I see". Knowing Sandra and Dave...I wasn't surprised in the least. 

I sat my gear down against the far wall just a few feet away from a most elegant flowing wedding dress hanging from a chandelier. Introductions were made, though struggling as much as I was to remember, names went in one ear and flew right out...for now. It seemed as though a little more coffee was in order. I went to the bistro and ordered a coffee, and was introduced to the hairstylist. And I thought the OTHER ladies were pranksters... I have my work cut out for me today! Good thing they were all sweethearts and a total joy to work with! 

The day started to set itself up: hair was done, makeup was finished, dresses and suits were looking extremely smashing!  Laughter echoed through the hallways, love was literally all around. Only moments away from walking down the aisle, everything almost appeared to have a little extra sparkle to it. Wasn't it supposed to snow today? Or rain? There's nothing but did this happen? Then the reason unfolded in front of all of us... when everyone stood up and Sandra walked into the room... when Dave and Sandra were finally in the same room together, on THEIR wedding day... everyone knew. 


EDIT: P.S. As if the day wasn't already absolutely perfect enough as it was, I had the absolute honor to finally meet and work with Jamie Delaine. She is extremely funny, smart, talented, and to be honest, I felt like I learned more from her as a 2nd photographer than she would have learned from me! When I was with her I got one of those "holy cow she is gonna be extremely famous someday VERY SOON and I gotta bask in her presence while she is here" kinda feeling... 

ya, my Saturday was pretty freakin' sweet!


jamiedelaine said...

Mike, you rocked it! Love the slideshow. :) Neat to see some of my shots in there too. I LOVE that the song you chose was Sandra's ringtone--you truly captured all the details. Awesome stuff dude.

Michael Wachniak said...

ya i totally didn't know it was her ringtone until you mentioned it!! however when I heard the song play for their first dance I was like"hrm... heard this song a few times today.... but where from???"


I bow to you, cheeko!

jamiedelaine said...

You SO didn't have to add that edit in! Well, I hope all the praise doesn't go to my head. You are too ridiculously nice.

jamiedelaine said...

taking a walk down memory lane, mike... reading this again. thanks again for letting me shoot with you that day. you're so great.

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