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Friday, June 20, 2008

Birthday Present!

I was sitting at my desk today editing away, listening to some Xavier Rudd, contemplating making a sandwich, when the doorbell rang. To my surprise there was UPS man with a rather large box, more imporantly a rather large box with MY name on it!

I jumped for joy, squealed like a schoolgirl, scared the hell outta the delivery guy, and ran back into the house (box included)!

A birthday present?! For me?! My girlfriend, Grit, purchased it for me only 2 days ago and already it was here! ACK! I thought all those times around Christmas sneaking about the house and opening everything with my name on it were LONG gone!!! How can I do this?!!??!?!? How the heck am I going to manage NOT opening it until my birthday next week?!

The worst part is, I know what it is already!!! ITS HARD NOT TO WHEN YOU ONLY HAVE ONE THING ON YOUR BIRTHDAY LIST!!!

Why isn't it June 26th already!? Why, God, Why?!

Hrmph.... if I knew how to make a coolass sideways pouty face instead of a smiley face on the keyboard, I'd insert it



Mabyn said...

Hey it's the 26th now so that means you can open it and show us all what's inside! hooray! Happy Birthday Michael!

Studio 1004 said...

So....what was in the box? I'm dying to know!

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