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Friday, January 30, 2009

Portrait Session: Cyndi

Here is my story:

Today Grit and I went out to Boundary Bay Airport and met a lovely lady named Cyndi for her portrait session! We laughed, we froze, we laughed some more! Cyndi is really funny, has a contagious laugh, is almost exploding with positivity and feel-good emotions. Simply put, Cyndi kicks ass. The End.


We had an awesome time with you Cyndi! I hope you like the photos, and had an awesome time too!

Mike + Grit


laura-dolcepics said...

Looks like you all had a fun time. Beautiful portraits! I especially like the one against the blue wall (cool imprint) and the colour contrast in no. 3. They're all great!

Nick said...

Wow, Mike. I LOVE them! such a beautiful woman, too!

Cyndi said...

OH man, you and Grit are da bomb... had SO MUCH FUN with you guys. Thanks SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

loving the black and white.

shawnreeder said...

These are great Michael, but I LOVE that 3rd shot!! Amazing!

John Heil Photography said...

bee-u-tee-FULL. down right gorgeous photos. She is beautiful, and you've showcased that for sure. love what you've done with the color here....totally up my alley man!

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