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Friday, January 2, 2009

My New Year's Resolutions...ish.

ok, so we have now approached the time of year when we all attempt to muster up the 'willpower' in preparation of creating our ideal Selves.

translation: New Year's Resolutions.

Here are mine, in no particular order... keep in mind these can (and often do) change at any moment... hopefully I'm not alone ;)

1. to not lose WEIGHT, but to lose body fat %. I want to be a lean mean, 'scrubbing-clothing-on-my-washboard-abs' machine! And with Acapulco coming in April, I gotta hurry!!! Exercise starts tomorrow, as do the weigh-in and measurement-taking! YIPES!

2. to shoot more photos for myself...let me rephrase, to go on more photo 'roadtrips', to take more 'landscapes at sunrise' shots, and hopefully without a 'holy crap I am being chased by a bear' experience lol!

3. to keep a better record of my personal money management. I like knowing where my money is going and what I can tweak in order to save even more money! It would be nice to own a house in 2010! :)

4. I really would like to delve deeper into the whole "Mike should learn to speak German" thing... its going to be tough enough for me to understand as it is in July when Grit and I go visit her family and friends in Germany, but it would just be really cool to carry a conversation with Grit in German. 

5. I AM going to blog more :) I always get so busy with things that it always gets put on the backburner. I have tons of things to say, and in MY opinion anyways, most of it isn't too bad lol. Just take a look at my personal blog (The Roaming Mind of Norm) when I worked on cruise ships! I occasionally go back to have a read or two for nostalgia's sake, and end up reading for an hour or so lol. Besides, there is going to be MANY cool things in 2009 to blog about! :)

6. I am going to spend more time with the TV, cell phone, and computer off. Sometimes I get so caught up in technology and being constantly 'plugged in', I forget what silence sounds like, and how good it feels to hear absolutely nothing. Yes, more of that please.

7. To tie in with number 6, I would like to read more. In fact, reading PERIOD at this point would be fantastic!  Among other things, I think reading helps with the imagination, and one can never have too much of that!

I am sure there are more, and when I think of them, I will be sure to add them on here!

What are YOUR NewYear'sResolutions?

1 comment:

jamiedelaine said...

Great resolutions Mike!

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