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Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Deep Thought on 'Capturing Moments'

I was writing a few things out for my new site today and something occurred to me. Its kind of silly and strange, but I wanted to know your opinion:

When talking about photography, a lot of people use the term (or variation of the term) 'Capturing Moments', right? Or TAKING a photograph. Doesn't that sound negative? 'Capturing'... sort of like 'Hi, I saw this moment and took a picture, now I have it in captivity! MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!' *insert thunder and lightning here*....

Personally, I think that the moments that are NOT photographed or even remembered could be considered as 'captured' but captured by TIME.... in the sense that we will never see them again...

SO, having said that, I think as photographers (pro, amateur, whatever), we are 'RELEASING moments'.... like releasing something into the wild. The moments then fly wherever they may, but freely, not caged or captured. Doesn't that sound more positive? I tell ya, its little 'tweaks' like that thats going to change the world ;)

And don't even get me started on the term 'freezing time'... its just way to cold out to talk about that.


by the way, here's a random photo I took YEARS ago....obviously before my wedding photography days lol. Its nothing fantastic, but when I wrote this, for some reason this photo popped into my head... maybe not the BEST illustration to go with my thought, but hey... its a mountain goat...sheep...thing in mid air!


Nick said...

I think the term "capturing moments" is a uber cliched... although, I might have that on my site somewhere... hmm. Not sure if I like "releasing moments" though. I should think of something ridiculously scientific sounding to describe the act of taking a photo.

And I'd like to debate the mid-airness of that goat. I think he's a master of gravity and is merely standing on his rear legs reaching out in front of him.

John Heil Photography said...

I see where your going with this, but not sure how I feel myself. lol

I do know, this post is clearly a results of the secret! hahaha

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