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Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Travels - part I

Hey Everyone! I am going to have a lot to post over the next few days: last night I went to see Xavier Rudd play at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, on Thursday Grit and I went to the Vancouver Aquarium, and tomorrow I have an engagement session!

I was playing around today with some of my older photos that I took while working on the cruise ships and I thought they would make a really cool slideshow. I have tons of photos from travelling so I am going to have to split them up into a few smaller ones. This one has some photos from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy, Panama Canal, New Caledonia (my favorite place on the planet thus far)...

So, without any further delay, I give you: "My Travels - Part I" (pretty snazzy title...NOT!) :)


Candy's Photography said...

Uhm, WOW!!!!!! You have some really truly amazing shots there Michael! Beautiful work man! I would love to have the oppurtunity to travel like this! You are definitely very BLESSED!

Mabyn said...

Michael your images are fantastic! I was so engrossed the whole time! God surely blessed you with a gift and a chance to travel! It takes a lot for me to want to go out and do that myself (i'm pretty content where I am). Your images made me want to run away to a distant land and take lots of pictures! Great job!

Rebecca said...

I am so touched by all those images. They tie in so well with the background music! I can tell you are truly passionate about photography. It must have been such an adventure to travel to different places and see different perspectives. I am so honored to have you as our wedding photographer! I can't wait until the big day=)

Rebecca Noh

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