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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Whats in a name?

I was reading up on my favorite photography forum today (OpenSourcePhoto), and I read a post written by a fellow photographer inquiring about business names. She was asking for advice on whether or not she should use her last name in the Business Name because it was an uncommon hard to spell name, and was afraid there may be a risk of complications (possibly hard to google someone if you cant spell the name right!). Being only in the business for a short period of time myself, I couldn't give her much advice...but with my last name being Wachniak, I could certainly sympathize!

I thought I would pipe in and give my 2 cents.. sort of a 'take it or leave it' kinda thing... I won't mention said photographer's name here because this is written without notifying her, but I will say that after a few seconds of googling, I found her blog. She really has nothing to worry about, her photos are amazing and inspiring to say the least! Nuff said.

A few hours passed, and while I was watching "Stardust" with Grit (my lady), it popped into my head again... what about MY name? Maybe I should 'dumb down the name a bit' so humans can understand it... Wachniak. WachnEEak. Watch-Knee-Yak. Picture a Watch, perhaps on a Knee of a big fuzzy Yak.

oh, by the way:

yak :
a large, stocky, shaggy-haired wild ox, Bos grunniens, of the Tibetan highlands, having long, curved horns: endangered.
then after the movie, I started to tinker in Photoshop. The photo isnt mine, I googled and found it... anyways, my point is:

so, what's in a name? Why, a Yak, of course! :)

I don't think I have anything to worry about. Maybe Grit does though, she has to cuddle up to a smelly yak every night ;)

1 comment:

tracey said...

you are a funny guy..i'm sure grit is in stitches lots. :)

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