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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Think We Have A Problem...

Grit and I sometimes have a ....problem... with getting a nice picture of the both of us together. I just... I ... really don't know why... perhaps its all the FACE-MAKING, and EAR-BITING, and 'WET WILLIES'!!!!! Oh, the photos I could post... I bet I could make a full length slideshow with all the 'bloopers' we have had throughout our 'picture taking' relationship! :)

These shots below are just a quick sample of what MAY happen during a typical photo session. I should clarify for future clients... this won't happen at YOUR photo session (at least I hope not), I was referring to when Grit and I have our OWN photos taken.

These were taken almost 2 years ago to the day during a "Formal Night" when we were working on the cruise ship The Coral Princess. Ah, the memories...

(Note: The 'tux' is my work uniform on a Formal Night, trust me, only wearing it cause I had to.)

I'm so GLAD we are getting a chance to redeem ourselves in Vegas in a few days. We are heading down for the annual WPPI conference (think 'Star Trek Convention' but with Wedding & Portrait Photographers... and a few less Vulcans). We are heading down Saturday night, and then Sunday morning we are driving into the desert with Braeden (Ambient 11) and Gabe (PerspectivEye) for a REAL photoshoot of Grit and I!!! How Stoked am I?? VERY STOKED!

...I hope I don't pull that damn Zoolander face I always do...

And here's a few more... I thought I would combine a good photo of Grit with a good photo of myself (via Photoshop)...if thats how its gotta be to get a good photo of the BOTH of us (until Gabe and Braeden work their magic that is), then fine. :)

Have a great day!



Studio222 Photography said...

HAHA! Love it!

rowena said...

hahahaha! That's funny! Hope to see you at WPPI, I'll be there Sunday through Tuesday. I'll be on the lookout for two crazy posers!

CYndi said...

Grit is WOW-- the red dress is enchanting on her. Love that last picture... oh sigh, I can't wait to see the ones from Vegas!! Have the BESTEST time ever you guys!! MWA

Jeanette Sanchez said...

HA! Too funny. I hope I get to see you at WPPI, I'll be around.
Have a great weekend!

Michelle Wells said...

You guys are adorable. ;) This is a very different side of you than I saw during your Vegas session. Gabe did a great job.

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