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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Focus On The Good

I am a very firm believer in the phenomenon that is "The Secret". Whatever you focus on, and feel, becomes reality. If we focus on bad news, or being in debt, thats all we get... more bad news, and more debt. You even have to be careful HOW you say and think things too, as The Universe does not understand 'NOT wanting' something... for example, if you think "I am NOT going to be late. I am NOT going to be late", you will still attract the word LATE, even though you wanted the exact opposite. All it takes is a simple change of focus, to something like "I will be on time. I will arrive on time.", and as long as you honestly FEEL that, it will be so.

One of my favorite quotes from "The Secret" that really puts this into perspective is:

"Mother Theresa always said she would not attend anti- war campaigns but would always attend Pro- Peace rallies"  

According to "The Secret ", Anti-War in fact attracts just the opposite. Pro-Peace is the answer.

Which brings me to why I am posting this. There are many changes happening with my branding and the way that I am conducting business AND life for that matter, and one of the things I have done is purchased . The web address, as you will see, simply links to my own photography website. (It may be a lot easier to some to type in instead of lol) You may have noticed also either through emails or twitter or even on my website the words "Real Love Is.".  Its not a 'fill in the blanks' or even telling you that "MY PHOTOGRAPHY = REAL LOVE"... its just simply to tell you that Real Love exists. We all know that, its everywhere, this isn't news. I just strongly feel that it is one of those things that doesn't hurt to remind ourselves of every now and then. Love and Happiness. Positive Energy. Its really my attempt to give my little section of time on this Earth  a hand in the right direction. Whether its enough to change our focus, I'm not sure. If we all did something? Absolutely.

For today's post I'd also like to add this little gem. A photographer posted this on Twitter yesterday and it really struck a chord. A website dedicated only to posting Good News. I am sure there are plenty of sites out there that are doing this, and when I find them, I will post them. How AMAZING would it be to sip your morning coffee/tea and open a paper only to find nothing but good news. This is exactly what Glee Report is doing. I strongly recommend taking a peak.

Have a great day,


What Is The Secret


John Heil Photography said...

awesome post man.
I agree with you's all a matter of perspective. I really need to read that book....sounds very powerful.

oh and that site rocks! seen it on Twitter as well and thought it was brilliant. :)

Sarah Rhoads said...

oh Michael this post is so on the money it is sick. I am excited for you.... all of us should be encouraged to step out in faith.. in love :) life is only worth living that way. keep on keepin on and I assume I'll see you sometime next week in Vtown?!

annalynchmcclary said...

Pretty much, exactly! I also love the idea of reading the good news in the morning instead of the bad news that makes up the majority of papers.

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