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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kiah - Portrait Session

When my good friend Kuljeet told me she had a friend that was looking for headshots, I was stoked. When she told me who it was, the name INSTANTLY rang a bell and immediately I switched on 95 Crave (95.3fm) and there he was! :) I always get a kick out of seeing radio personalities face to face, because they RARELY look the way they sound. Thats not a bad thing, I guess my ears hear differently than my eyes do :)

Ladies and Gentleman, the Wonder from Down Under, Kiah Tucker!

I had a blast with Kiah, he's a pretty cool cat! He is doing an amazing job at 95Crave and is really enjoying it there! He is looking forward to the possibility of jumping into the realm of Film (as he should!), continuing to pursue commercials, and is super stoked about getting his website online in the near future! Good on ya, mate!


1 comment:

j|terrell said...

very nice images...loving the color in these. btw...found your blog vis OSP

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