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Sunday, March 9, 2008

7 Days til WPPI in Vegas!!!

Ok, I am officially bouncing off the walls... 7 more days until I head off to Vegas for WPPI 2008!

(again, I think I may have just peed a little)

For those of you who are unaware of what this is, its basically a "gathering" of roughly 10,000 photographers from around the world to network, learn, teach, see new products and 'up and coming' cool thingies.... oh, and sprinkle a few parties on the top as well ;)

This is my first time going, I am going alone (although I already know 30-40 people that are going and will meet them when I get there), I am sharing a room with a total stranger, and I am SO SO SO excited to see and learn as much as I can! I am heading down Sunday, dropping my stuff off at the hotel, going straight to a party, and then Monday thru Thursday I am going to switch into "Sponge Mode" and absorb as much as I can from the 10 or so classes I am attending on everything from Marketing, Posing, Lighting, Post-Processing, and Book-keeping....

Can't Wait!!!!!!!

oh and P.S. as per my "101 Things to Accomplish in 1001 Days" entry, I can scratch off the following once I am home from Vegas:

10. Go to Vegas
12. Meet David Jay
13. Meet Jasmine Star
16. Meet Mike Colón
31. Own a Shootsac (possibly to buy it directly from Jessica Claire at the Tradeshow!)
84. help new photographers as much I as I can with any questions they may have
86. ROCK OUT at a 90's disco!
96. go to Vegas (Hopefully for WPPI!) (WOOPS, didnt notice this was on my list twice!! haha!)



Sandra said...

I am pondering exactly how this is going to benefit me, and I like that it will...YAY.

I hope you have a great time, and that you learn lots and lots.

Kelly Segre said...

Michael it was so great to meet you at WPPI...I hope you got your shoot sac! Keep in touch :)

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