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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Vancouver View Magazine

Vancouver Wedding Photographer - Michael Wachniak

At the beginning of September, I had been asked to take portraits of one of the top cops in Canada for an upcoming article in Vancouver View Magazine. I had a blast with Shinder Kirk and Kuljeet Kaila and when I saw it on the shelves today I flipped out! I totally forgot it was coming out in November! The first time I had photos in a magazine was last September but it just totally makes me giddy when I see it in public! Every single time I walk past it, I always want to go to the nearest person and be like "Hey... see these photos? Ya, I shot them... Ya, I'm kind of a big deal... Autograph?" 

... I kinda turn into that guy from the McDonald's commercial...

"See that Angus Burger... ya, I invented it."


Darcie Brown said...

Nice work! I'll take an autograph. :-)

Shinder Kirk lives in our neighborhood and seems like such a nice guy.

-thatjohnguy said...

nice one man!! I think I'd be doing the same thing if it were me! :)

tracey said...

i'd like your autograph. :) sunday? :)

Anonymous said...

hey - you were a blast to work with yet again! And you do amazing work - probably some of the best pics ever have been taken by you! heck you can even make me look half decent - LOL
You are one of the best - thats for sure so just to be on the safe side - I need a few autographs for when you're even a bigger deal in like France - shooting super models and no longer taking to us little people! Keep it real yo!

Matthew Toren said...

Hello Michael

Happy New Year!

I wanted to say GREAT WORK on the excellent photos you had taken of Shinder Kirk – you are very talented!

It would be a great pleasure to have your photos in our magazine again!

Best regards,

Matthew Toren
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