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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

E-Session Slideshow!

Hey everyone! I am so stoked to show you my first online slideshow! This is something that I think EVERYONE is going to love, and I can't wait to show off some of the GORGEOUS brides and grooms I will be photographing in 2008!

If you are a bride or groom that I will be shooting this year, this is a slideshow of an engagement session or "E-Session". Its a great way to get a chance to work together and have a lot of fun while we are at it! Its also a great way to show off some photos to your friends and family! The best part is, you can post it in your own blog, myspace or wedding website! Also, if you have Facebook, you can have the slideshow in your profile too!

This is an E-session of my best friend Ben and his GORGEOUS fiancé Catherine. I had the chance to shoot their engagement session when I was in Calgary in September, and I am SO excited that I will be shooting their wedding in July!!

Stay tuned for more slideshows!!!

1 comment:

Gena McMillan said...

Your slideshow is wonderful and even more your pictures are stunning! Great Job!

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